Collectible games and bets are still part of the top five of the most popular decentralized applications in the Ethereum, TRON, STEEM and EOS markets, according to data from Dappradar and the ranking.

Graphs  on the number of active users in the decentralized applications (Dapps) of the Ethereum network between 2018 and 2019 indicate that, although the exchange offices dominated in volume of transactions almost all 2018,  since last December the sector of collectible token games has the highest volume of users in this entire market.


The decentralized applications of games kept stable its volume of users and transactions in the course of 2018, closing its activity for the first of January with a total of 5,600 active users a day throughout the network-this being its highest point since May of the last year-.

Overall, taking into account exchange houses, betting markets and risk investment tools, the Dapps market in Ethereum has shown an improvement in its performance since December, starting to increase its number of These days, Ethereum has not registered as many ethers transactions among decentralized applications, even though user activity has increased.

In terms of the STEEM market, blockchain data have indicated that currently among its most popular decentralized applications include entertainment products and social networks. In the case of EOS and TRON networks, some of their most used Dapps are games of chance and betting .

Below is a closer view of the most popular decentralized applications in each market at this time:


The game My Crypto Heroes is the most popular in the ranking of the most popular decentralized applications of Ethereum,  according to Dappradar , with 4,200 active users you are last 24 hours  and a total of 4,800 transactions per day.

In second place is the 1ETH platform, a high risk investment initiative that has 1,300 active users per day and a volume of 1,800 transactions until this fifth of January. The IDEX and ForkDelta exchange houses occupy respectively the third and fourth place in the ranking with more than 500 active users as of today and a total of more than two thousand transactions in each application.

In the fifth place has been one of the most mentioned collectable games of 2018, Ethermons. According to data from Dappradar, in the last 24 this decentralized application calculated a total of 508 active users and about 1,400 transactions per day.

The top of the five most popular decentralized applications according to differs somewhat from the homonymous analysis. According to this website , the most popular Ethereum applications do not have such a high volume of users and transactions – a feature of the Ethereum Dapps that has been mentioned on other occasions – IDEX being the app with the highest number of users calculating for the today only 709 active users. positions the 1ETH network as Ethereum’s second most successful Dapp at the moment, with a total of 1,390 active users and 1,900 transactions today, and  a growing market since 2018 . The third place is for Kyber Network and in fourth place the ForkDelta exchange house with 569 active users and 2,128 transactions for this five of January. The sum of the community of users of these Dapps exceeds 250,000, although as indicated by the ranking not all are active simultaneously.

Between the fourth and fifth place the competitors have been the kittens of Ethereum , CryptoKitties, and the exchange house Token Storeo, which exceeds 200 users and 1,000 transactions every 24 hours.


In the top of the most popular decentralized applications of EOS registered a marked presence of games of chance and betting , although these applications did not top the top of their Dapps. Data from Dappradar show the PRA Candy Box application as the most popular in the network, with more than nine thousand users and a total of 32,100 transactions per day , figures that suggest that EOS has been a network with greater traction than Ethereum  during the 2018

In the second place of this list is a game under the name of EOS Knights, with 5,000 active users today and about 32,000 transactions. With 3,800 users in the last 24 hours and more than 13,000 transactions per day, ENBank ranked third.

The two betting applications that are in the top five of EOS are EOS Bet and Farm EOS, with more than 2,000 users for today. In the particular case of EOS Bet, the platform registered a total of 115,700 transactions in the last 24 hours. indicates that EOS Bet and Farm EOS are the most popular Dapps of EOS, occupying the top positions of their top. He also added in the third place to a betting game that is identified as Dice, which has a total of more than 700 active users at the time of making this article and about 300 transactions a day.

To complete the panorama of the betting games in EOS, the DEOS Game application ranked fifth among the most popular Dapps in this ecosystem. That is, a total of five games of chance occupying the top of products offered on the EOS platform .

The only exchange house that entered the ranking of was BTEX, occupying the fourth position for its 72 active users for today and a total of 887 transactions.

STEEM has been the only portal that has followed the blockchain of STEEM , a platform that showed in its top a high preponderance of applications focused on social networks that do not have other blockchains . The first place in this top is occupied by a game called Steem Monsters, which registered almost 2,000 active users in the last 24 hours and some 130,000 transactions. About 50% of the total community of users are active in this network.

Steem is a platform that integrates social network features and cryptoactive properties. Source: tashatuvango .

The Dapp Streemit took second place with a volume of users of more than 5,000 active people and about 21,000 transactions only this January 5. The Steemit user community is the largest, estimated at more than 105,000 users. The Magic Dice betting game ranked thirdwith only 106 users in the last hours but with a recent peak of activity that registered 18,000 transactions.

The Smartssteems tool with 55 users and 126 transactions in the last hours is ranked fourth for its short but upward trajectory in the STEEM market. Finally, in the fifth place is the social network eSteem with more than 500 users and about 1,600 transactions in the last 24 hours.


According to Dappradar numbers, all the most popular decentralized TRON applications are focused on betting . The top is headed by a Dapp of this type called Tronbet with about 2,000 active users and some 487,000 transactions at the moment.

In the second place is Fishing Master, another betting game that has 2 thousand active users in the last 24 hours and some 41 thousand transactions per day. In the third, fourth and fifth place are the Dapps of TronDice, TronVegas and ALLBet all betting applications with more than one thousand users. also placed decentralized betting applications among the five most popular Dapps of the TRON blockchain. However, unlike the Dappradar figures, this web page calculates a lower volume of users and transactions per Dapps of TRON. For example, in the first place is the Gear of Fortune app with only 200 users and a total of 19 thousand transactions in the last 24 hours.

With 500 users and more than three 3,000 transactions per day, TronGame ranked second in the ranking. AllBet was ranked third with 18 active users at the time, although the figure contrasts with the 1,000 users calculated by Dappradar in the last 24 hours.

In the fourth and fifth place, with very few active users for this moment and a  relatively low volume of transactions , the last betting Dapps of the top known as Troncat and Bettown were positioned.

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