Originally available only for Windows, the difficulty of mining was “ridiculously low” according to Satoshi Nakamoto himself and Bitcoin had only two nodes in its network. However, a decade later, the original version of the software to use Bitcoin celebrated, this January 8, 10 years after it was published.

While the protocol has greatly changed up to 65 versions they have been created after this first release – to reach Bitcoin Core and other clients available currently, that of Nakamoto is the original client.  From it, the improved, revised and enhanced version of Bitcoin Core and that of other clients  derived from it or with its own characteristics are formed.

A look at Bitcoin’s not-so-recent past. Source: Wayback Machine

Bitcoin client allows its user to operate a node in this network and can mine alone. Both activities are fundamental for the validation of transactions and the creation of blocks in the chain. Reason why it was intended to encourage users to mine and operate these nodes, in exchange for an extremely high reward of 50 bitcoins. However, it should be noted that initially there was no market created for this cryptocurrency and its unit value was less than one dollar.

The  Genesis Block of the network was mined on January 3, with an encrypted message signed between its data: “The Times 03 / Jan / 2009 Chancellor on the verge of the second rescue for banks”. A head of the press on the state of banking at that time of the real estate and financial crisis in the United States. in this way a clear date was given at the birth of the cryptocurrency. However, it was only until January 8 that the first client was published .


The father of Bitcoin counted on the collaboration of the cryptographer Hal Finney, both for the creation of the Genesis Block, and for the implementation of the client. They also worked as a team to send and receive the first bitcoins that circulated through the network.


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Finney also downloaded the first version of the client on the same day of the launch , putting another grain of sand to facilitate the operation of the network.

The first version did not last long. In fact, Bitcoin v0.1.2 was published by Nakamoto on January 11, one day before sending the first 10 BTC to Finney. Nakamoto modified elements associated with the interconnection of the nodes. However, the developer – or group of developers – had already warned about the possibility that, being the alpha version of the software, there were errors.

Despite the short duration of the original version of the first client for Bitcoin, January 8 is still a significant date for this cryptocurrency; So since then, the network and the scope of its technology have been growing steadily.

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