Bitcoin: 2019 will be the year of the turning point

2019 will be the turning point for Bitcoin and for cryptocurrencies in general: will they recover the highs or will they continue to lose quota?

The 2019 will prove to be an important year for the Bitcoin and her colleagues criptovalute .

Marcus Hughes, lead counsel of the Californian Exchange Coinbase is convinced that the sector will have to deal with big news on the regulatory front .

In one way or another, in short, the year just started will revolutionize the cryptocurrency sector and will have obvious consequences on their prices, including the price of Bitcoin . All this after the strong oscillations of 2018 , a period in which the digital money market has drastically moved away from its historical highs.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: regulation protagonist in 2019

Despite the cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, have gone through a 2018 to forget, the developments related to the entire sector have not stopped capturing international attention.

“In the next or next two years we will see big news. The protagonist will be the regulation of the phenomenon that will take hold especially in Europe “,

said Hughes.

In the United Kingdom , for example. the Financial Conduct Authority will assess whether or not to sell derivatives based on cryptocurrencies. As early as last month the British government said it was ready to reinforce the FCA’s prerogatives so as to give it a way to act on cryptocurrency assets.

The European Banking Authority (EBA) will seek to obtain standardized regulations for operations in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in an attempt to eliminate arbitrage and protect investors in the block. 2019, in short, will be the year of regulation for the sector.

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